G A B R I E L L E   D J A N O G L Y

Gabrielle Djanogly is the author of Sign Here...Twenty-Two Unofficially Official Pull-Out Forms for Dreams, Pets, Pocket Money, Feelings, Secrets and So Much More (Prestel, 2018) and The Bowie Man (Sympathetic Press, 2018), both illustrated by Adèle Mildred.

In 2018 Liberty commissioned Gabrielle to write a collection of poems for A Liberty Christmas (Harper Collins, 2018) and in 2019 Liberty engaged Gabrielle to bring to life the store’s festive concept, The Tree of Liberty.


Gabrielle studied English Literature at Goldsmiths before embarking on a career in millinery. She is the co-founder of HOOD a hat label and online store.


Gabrielle is represented by PEW Literary
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Illustration by Adèle Mildred

The Tree at Liberty

‘Far away, in the Age of Wonder, when the Moon was always full and snowflakes fell upwards, the All-Seeing Owl had a vision of a magical tree…’  In 2019, extracts from
The Tree of Liberty were printed on Liberty Tote bags, and the full story appeared across the store windows. Two new Liberty prints, Tree of Liberty and Jeweltopia took their name from this story.


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The Bowie Man

Illustrated by Adèle Mildred


The Bowie Man is a modern day myth with an all time hero - David Bowie.  When baby Otelia cries, The Bowie Man visits, speaking in Bowie's legendary song lyrics. The story was sent to Bowie on his birthday, January 8, 2016, just two days before he passed away. With the support and courage of Sympathetic Press we brought this book to life but sadly it is not for sale.

Seven poems in Christmas at Liberty


The enchanting story of Liberty at Christmas and the store’s iconic carved animals are woven together in this festive colouring book with 70 prints to colour, notes from the designers and exclusive poetry by Gabrielle Djanogly.


A Liberty Christmas, The Owl, The Frog, The Monkey, The bear, The Elephant and The Lion were commissioned by Liberty in 2018 .


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Published by Harper Collins

ISBN: 978-0-0083-1261-9

Sign Here ... Twenty-Two Unofficially Official Pull-Out Forms for Dreams, Pets, Pocket Money, Feelings, Secrets and So Much More

Illustrated by Adèle Mildred


A collection of 'forms' to make childhood issues a great deal less awkward and a whole lot more fun. Issued by the Department of Regret, Remorse, and Reconciliation, the United States of Emotions, the Ministry of Dreams, and other indispensable offices, these forms can help kids say some of the tricky stuff.  These pull-out forms can be endlessly photocopied – and of course filed away for future reminiscences and chuckles.


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Published by Prestel

ISBN: 978-3-7913-7297-6